The Testing Equipment Kit is designed for testing and repairing compressed gas cylinders for SCUBAs and closed-circuit SCUBAs. The kit consists of a number of specific equipment.

Technical data

The kit enables hydraulic testing with a test pressure of up to 500 bar. The volume of cylinders is 1 to 100 L (depending on test models). Adaptors for the neck thread are W19.2 or M18x1.5. Adaptors for another neck threads are available on request.

Delivery separately
  • Each equipment of the system can be delivered separately

Separate supply

Each equipment within the kit can be delivered separately.

Simple and easy in use
  • The kit can be installed by customer on his own.
  • The kit is designed to minimize electric power, compressed air and water consumption.

UPO-1 Cylinder Flushing and Cleaning Device

Working place for testing and filling cylinders

Cylinder hydraulic testing device

Composite cylinder jacket testing station. The measuring principle is based on volumetric expansion

Drilling machine is equipped with a pneumatic clamp

Unit for inspecting internal surface of the cylinder