TD-1 Thermal and Smoky Environment Chamber

Теплодымокамера ТД-1
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 1
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 2
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 3
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 4
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 5
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 6
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 7
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 8
Теплодымокамера ТД-1 9
TD-1 enables:
  • Simultaneous training of fire squad/section;
  • Close simulating fire conditions - Variable physical load exercises.

TD-1 is arranged in a standard 40-ft shipping container and contains the following: labyrinth (orientation simulator); process zone section with capability of providing thermal load (thermal chamber); control room. TD-1 can be equipped with Flanets Fire Module.

The control room accommodates equipment, stands of control boards and other devices necessary to monitor location of fire rescuers in the smoke-filled rooms of the thermal and smoky environment chamber. There is a monitoring system to display information on location of trainees on the light mimic diagram of the thermal and smoky environment chamber.

The labyrinth (orientation simulator) consists of the interconnected rooms/passes and has a system of controlled doors/partitions to make paths of various complexity and distance.

The thermal chamber consists of as number of multi-level changeable man-holes. Physical exercises in the thermal chamber are performed under higher temperatures of 30 to 58°C. Relative air humidity in the chamber does not exceed 50 % and is controlled by a psychrometer. Air in the chamber is heated with electric heating furnaces at the rate of 1 kW per square meter of the thermal chamber area. The furnace operation is controlled automatically. The walls, ceiling and panels of doors are provided with necessary thermal insulation.