TOK-1 Fire-Fighting Training Facility

Тренировочный огневой комплекс ТОК-1
Тренировочный огневой комплекс ТОК-1 1

TOK-1 is designed to practice techniques and methods of extinguishing various simulated seats of fire, to monitor consumption of fire-extinguishing agents, to improve skills in using individual respiratory protection means and special protective clothing.

The facility enables:
  • Mastering of coordinated and most effective techniques and methods of team work for extinguishing fires and rescuing in unbreathable environments;
  • Formation and maintenance of high-standard knowledge and abilities, practical skills in operating individual respiratory protection means, special protective clothing and other available technical means;
  • Formation of volitional, moral and psychological capabilities of trainees as required for professional activities;
  • Simulation of various factors pertaining to fires and emergency situations as close as possible to the real conditions.

The fire-fighting training facility is arranged in a standard 40-ft shipping container and contains a control room and fire simulators as follows: “Overhead Fire”, “Gas Cylinders on Fire”, “Cable Tray on Fire”, “Electric Motor on Fire”, “Electric Board on Fire”, and “Room on Fire”.

Fire gas simulators are designed to practice techniques and methods of extinguishing fire on industrial equipment.