Огневой тренажер «Автомобиль»
Огневой тренажер «Автомобиль» 1
Огневой тренажер «Автомобиль» 2

This simulator is designed to conduct fire extinction and rescuing drills on the motor transport.

The simulator includes:
  • Car setting
  • Fixed operating system (controller)
  • Wireless control panel
  • Ignition box with heat control board
  • Gas reservoir.

The car setting is a steel dummy car structure made of stainless steel and duly sized to simulate a real fire situation.

The car setting is equipped with a gas platform to simulate fire inside the car, a gas platform to simulate fire under hood, and gas burners mounted on the fore wheels.

The car setting has arrangements in the form of roller wheels to be moved on an even surface. The fixed operating system (controller) is a main control unit designed to control gas burners. The controller is equipped with a portable control panel so that operator could keep away during exercises while controlling the fire scenario.